We're so excited to be working with you! All you will need is 30-45 minutes, utility account information, an electronic copy of your certificate of insurance, and any relevant building documents!
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Owner Information

What's your full (legal) name? *

Do you have a nick name you prefer to go by?

Please list your Social Security Number: *

What is the best number to reach you at? *

What is your future mailing address? *

If you don't know this yet, please list an address mail can be forwarded to on your behalf. We can easily update our records once you have a permanent address!
How will you be setting up the property for tax purposes? *

More than 95% of our owners file as a Sole Proprietorship

Full Name of LLC *

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Are there any additional owners? *

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Do you file your taxes jointly? *

Which owner would you like to have claim the rental income? *

We send annual 1099's electronically and publish them on your owner portal every February. Would you also like to receive a mailed copy? *

Bank Account Information

We pay owners monthly between the 10th-15th of every month via ACH. Please be ready to enter the information for the bank account you would like rental income deposited into.
Bank Routing Number *

Bank Account Number

Is this a savings account? *

Property Rental Information

Full Property Address: *

Square Footage:

Feel free to skip if you are not sure
What's your preferred starting price? *

Keep in mind the range we suggested in our proposal!
How long do you anticipate having your property as a rental? *

What is your anticipated move out date? *

In most cases, we require at least 3-5 days of vacancy to properly prepare a unit for rental, but we will try to sign a lease to start as close to this date as possible
If you have a floor plan, please upload it here!

What year was your property built?

Feel free to skip if you are not sure
What appliances are in your unit? *

Is your unit pet friendly? *

What kind of pets are allowed? *

Are there any building restrictions or approvals you are aware? *

Please list any building restrictions/approvals needed: *

What availability date would you like us to use?


We're going to ask you a few questions about utilities so have those bills ready!
Do you currently pay an electric bill?

Would you like your tenants to set up their own account and be responsible for electricity usage?

Sounds good, we will advertise that electric is included in the monthly rent!

What is your electric meter number?

What is the average bill amount?

Feel free to give a range
Does your unit have gas service? *

Do you currently pay the gas bill?

Sounds good, we will advertise that gas is included in the monthly rent!

Would you like your tenants to set up their own gas account and be responsible for usage?

What is your gas meter number?

What is the average bill amount?

Feel free to give a range
Do you currently pay a water bill?

Sounds good, we will advertise that water is included in the monthly rent!

Is the water bill through DC Water or through a sub-metering company?

We require owners to keep water accounts in their name as it is tied to the deed of the house and DC WASA does not have a system that facilitates tenant payments well. We suggest you enroll in auto pay and budget billing and will send you directions to help you do so.

Would you like to charge a set fee each month for water or include it?

Building Info

Some buildings require unit owners obtain permission from the board in order to rent. By completing this questionnaire, you are agreeing that you have all the necessary permissions to rent your unit longterm.

Please pick which type of building you live in *

Please list the management company, manager's name, email address, and phone number *

Please list the board presidents name, email, and phone number *

Is there a move in fee? If so, how much? *

Where is your storage unit (if applicable)?

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Where is your parking spot (if applicable)?

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Where is your laundry (if not in the unit)?

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Where is the trash/recycle located?

Where is your mail box located?

How does package delivery work?

Does your building allow lockboxes?

Where should lockboxes be placed?

Does your building have any restrictions or requirements on cable/internet providers? If so, who is the exclusive provider for your property?

Please select any common amenities

Are you aware of any rules or move-in documents that your building requires renters to see fill out or sign of on?

Please upload your most recent condo docs here

Example: house rules, building lease addendum, application, car registration forms
Any additional docs?

Any additional docs?

Any additional docs?

Thank you! Please select from the following


Before we list the unit, we must receive two full key sets from you. One we use for leasing and keep at the office. The other set we keep onsite in a lockbox for turnover, cleanings, etc.
Please select all the keys required to make a full set *

Once we know how many tenants will be moving in, we will handle making key copies and purchasing fobs accordingly. Each tenant is entitled to a full set and we require two full sets remain with Nest in order to guarantee access. You will see these charges as an expense on your first statement.

Are there any callbox codes to get into the building? *

We use this for leasing to avoid needing to purchase two extra keys/fobs. We will not share this info with tenants or vendors unless you explicitly ask us to.


Upload a copy of your Certificate of Insurance (COI) that includes Nest as an additional insured party.

If you have an active Basic Business License for the rental, please upload a copy here.

Note: Most owners don't have this at this stage and we can help you obtain one at any point during the leasing process!
Unit Specific Details

What is the HVAC filter size?

We require filters be changed by tenants. Is the filter easy for tenants to change or does it require special instructions? *

Instructions for changing filter:

What days are trash and recycle picked up?

Please list any special quirks or care instructions you would like us to convey at move in to your tenants.

(ie. anything you've learned over the years, care instructions for counters, special detergent to use, special quirks like washable filters, etc.) This exact blurb will live in a PDF shared with your tenant and always accessible via their portal.
Where is your electric panel located?

Where is your main water shut off valve located?

In some buildings, there is not unit a shut off. If there is no unit shut off, please identify the policy around water shutoffs
Do you have any specialty lights or light bulbs? If so, where can extra bulbs be ordered from?

Additional Documents

In the event we have a tenant with a voucher apply, we will need a copy of your deed and photo ID in order to submit the city application. If you have time to upload this now, please do. If not, feel free to scroll through and we will contact you in the event we need to.
Please upload a photo ID

Please upload a copy of your deed

Thank you for taking the time to give us all the information we need to lease and manage your home well! Let us know if you have any questions and your leasing POC will be in touch shortly to confirm receipt!
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